Dear Dragon Masters,

Welcome to a brand New Year in Dragon City! 🎆

Our dragons had a great 2021 with you and we hope you’ll accompany them into the new year too!

Let’s have a look at the list of events that will mark the first month of 2022! ☺

30 Dec - 10 Jan: Brightest Mirror Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Sacredwing Dragon

1 Jan - 4 Jan: Pious Pantheon Fog Island (Brightest Mirror)
New Dragon: Piety Dragon

5 Jan - 9 Jan: Mirror Maze Island (Brightest Mirror)
New Dragon: Relickeeper Dragon

10 Jan - 12 Jan: Tiki Tower Island (Tiki Bay)
New Dragon: Turtorrior Dragon

13 Jan - 24 Jan: Tiki Bay Maze Island
New Dragon: Clawtortle Dragon

14 Jan - 19 Jan: Tiki Bay Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Reptileader Dragon

19 Jan - 23 Jan: Traitor’s Escape Runner Island (Tiki Bay)
New Dragon: Traiturtle Dragon

24 Jan - 29 Jan: House Coronation Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Snow Monarch Dragon

24 Jan - 31 Jan: House Coronation Grid Island
New Dragon: Assassin Dragon

29 Jan - 2 Feb: House Coronation Runner Island
New Dragon: Count Volt Dragon

31 Jan - 3 Feb: House Coronation Maze Island
New Dragon: Noble Blue Dragon

Best wishes for the New Year!

Your Dragon City Team