New Era Monsters Legends

Hello and welcome to this new era: Les Onitropolitains! After the army era, this era will tell the story of the metropolitan monsters who drank Onixucub! This era will bring back a new resource: The Metrocub! This resource will upgrade monsters from the Onitropolitans era and previous eras!

In the middle of the jungle, at Multus' lair, spies sent by Miltis prepare to attack ... They circle the perimeter and take action! They catch all of Multus and Multus allies. They send him to their truck, but far from giving in, Multus throws a vial full of Onixucub on the ground. 2 years after that, Don Canine who had escaped from prison with Malairion found the vial and went to bring it back to Malairion:
"Good dog, dog" said Malairion
"Uh, are you serious here? »Says Don Canine
"Can't you see I'm trying to make our readers laugh," said Malairion
"Pff, I'm going to eat them YOUR readers" said Don Canine
"Shut up and drink!" »Said Malairion

Suddenly Don Canine's ears started to prick up and he was: Don Canidis, the smartest dog that ever existed!

Season I: from 1 to 8
Season II: from 8 to 16
Season III: from 16 to 24
Season IV: from 24 to 32
Season V: from 32 to 40

Monster Description:
BEFORE: The 21st Onix Monster
AFTER: The 21st Onix Monster (marathon)

New page :
BEFORE: New things
AFTER: New things (era 2)

New events on the forum:
Creation of monsters, drawings of monsters, ...

I'll make at least one monster a week.

This era won't come out until I finish the Army era. That's why I encourage you to help me create monsters by sending me messages.

Hoping to see many of you in my messages,

Happy Holidays to all !!!