You've purchased a bathtub for the corner of your bathroom. Hopefully you chose one you are crazy about, and perhaps had some sort of design theme in mind. If not, that is fine. This article may help you spark some of those design ideas for making your bathtub corner a focal point of your bathroom.

Most corner bathtub models have a wide ledge in the rear that can allow the space against the two bathtub corner walls to be used as a shelf for toiletries and soaps, or you can use the space to put a plant in. Mirrors or clear glass shelves on the two rear bathtub corner walls can also make a small bathroom look more spacious.

If you decide to put mirrors, shelves or plants in your bathtub corner, this may limit you on your options to have a shower with your corner bathtub. If you only place a plant, it could be moved before showering. If you decide you want a bathtub corner shower along with your corner bathtub, what the existing walls are made of will be a factor. If the bathtub corner has two sides of drywall, you will need to put a waterproof wall treatment over the plaster to have a bathtub corner shower. Or you could choose a circular shower curtain option.

If your walls are drywall, they can be covered with tile or a waterproof bathroom paneling. The tile option generally has a more decorative appeal for your bathtub corner, however it is sometimes more expensive. Cost will depend on the tile you choose and the dimensions of the walls you will be covering. In order to save money, tiling your bathtub corner walls can be a do-it-yourself project. Before you decide to do this project yourself, research and learn how to place the tile. Some do-it-yourself retailers offer free classes for learning how to tile bathtub corners.

Waterproof wall paneling is also an option you have. It is usually easier to install and less expensive. Remember though it may not be as attractive as tile can be. Whatever option you choose, the key is to make sure no water can get behind what you install on your bathroom walls. Some very good waterproof caulks are on the market for you to use for this.

To finish adding a shower to your bathroom, you will need to install a shower door kit or a shower curtain across the front of your corner bathtub area. The back walls and front enclosure give you an opportunity to incorporate the corner bathtub into your overall bathroom decor.

The wrap around shower curtain can be a great alternative to the expense of tile, but just as beautiful. Shower curtain tracking can be put on the ceiling above your corner tub. The tracking is put in an oval and the shower curtain hangs from this tracking. This encircles the bather with the curtain, creating a private shower in the bathtub corner. You can choose a decorative shower curtain to compliment your bathroom. You will need two shower curtains in order for your shower curtain to go completely around.

Corner bathtubs can be a great way to have a unique bathtub in a corner. With space saving designs and so many design styles they are worth a look when deciding upon a new bathtub.