Adding money to the Cash App Card at Walgreens is very easy. There are several Walgreens Stores in the US at different places. You can visit any nearby Walgreens store and go straight to the Cash counter. Now, request the Cashier or person handling the cash counter, to add money to Cashapp Card. The Cashier will ask you to furnish the Cash App account details that you need to provide.

Now, pay the physical cash along with the service charge to the Cashier. The cashier will add the desired amount to your account. The amount will reflect in your wallet balance hence, check the same. You can keep continuing the shopping using Cash Card.

Can I load my Cash App card at ATM?

This is one of the questions that people frequently asked as they are confused about whether one can load the Cash Card at the ATM or not. However, you can find the answer to this query here. Everybody knows that Cashapp users can withdraw cash from ATMs using the Cash App debit card. But, can you load the Cash App card at ATM? The answer is no. You cannot add money to your Cash Card at ATMs. If you don't have money in your Cash App account, then you can add a balance to your card through different means.

First, you can transfer money from the linked bank account to Cash App Card. Secondly, ask your friends or relatives to send money to your Cashapp wallet. Thirdly, visit any store that allows users to add money to the Cash App Card. These are the only three methods for loading the Cash App Card.