0_1641734797388_Cryborg Era.pngWhen the Demon’s rose from Hell Grounds, the world of Monster Legends went through some big changes, in ways nobody could ever of predicted. The power that unleashed the Demon’s were something nobody knew. It unleashed yet another unique source of power that was called Scraps.

With no time like now, the Cyborg Era has begun!

Cyborg Mythics
Cyborg Mythics are the strongest monsters to date. They are a set of powerful monsters that literally bring in multiple unique and complex skills to the battlefields. Each and every Cybord will be unique, and some of them will even benefit off other Cyborg Mythics.

And to rankup Cyborg Mythics, you can collect Scraps, a new substance that are from the core of the Cyborg’s.

Super Run Dungeon
Want to know where to find Scraps? You may obtain and collect the rare Scraps in the all new Super Run Dungeon! For every boss monster you defeat, you'll earn yourself a batch of Scraps but that's not all. You may find Cells of the team you used too along the default nodes!

The dungeon has three bosses in 15 nodes! Get going, it's tough to beat!

You may play this dungeon daily.


  • 45 Scraps (15 per Boss)
  • 330 Cells (randomly given of a monster you've used in your team).

Cyberonic Talents
Cyberonic Talents are a new item that you can equip on Cyborg monsters on rank 1 or higher. These elusive objects improve your monsters’ abilities in unexpected ways that can really help their strategy when combined with their skills. Every time a monster goes from rank 0 to rank 1, they’ll automatically earn an entry-level Cyberonic Talent. Very easy.

Begins: Jan. 14 2022
--- NOTICE: The img was from corrupted era background wallpaper + new years token and custom text. --