Burninman once lived a life in the Light Kingdom long ago, but when he grew up, he knew he'd become something more than a loyal king, he'd become a monster to look for long lasting mythics! But times went on, and he'd go looking for false leaks, and always getting told by his father, Barbatos, but nothing would stop Burninman! He'd always look for what he believed in.

One night, he went out to find some Scraps, after hearing some rumors about that, what he found was raw power that turned him into something stronger. Now Barbatos will believe him!

Burninman is a Fire and Thunder Denier with Stun and Torture skills. His tortures include: Burn, Shock, and Nanovirus. He can also remove positive status effects from a single enemy and applies Control Immunity to all allies while healing them too! Burninman has a evolving trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he adds Possession Immunity, and at rank 3, he becomes a status caster, applying Water Immunity at the start of the battle.