Hello everyone and welcome to my 114th analysis, this time featuring Obsidiane.
Obsidiane has some good attacker potential, but for veterans she may be an inferior choice since the only good thing about her is her Self move. Plus, in the Female book Lau Lau is a better attacker and she herself is a Light monster. I'd like to say she's good, but she's awfully average.

-Power Within
-Sightless Revolt
-Cleansing Glow
-Severe Sunburn
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Power Within is a good weapon vs. Possession, and it gives her Double Damage+Precision along with a small chance to apply Haste. Sightless Revolt is an AOE that Blinds. Cleansing Glow deals the most damage out of her moves and rids her of annoying status such as Daze. Lasty, Severe Sunburn is mostly to have another AOE, but the Damage Reduction is also nice. 2 Strength 1 Speed is a standard attacker build.

Teammates: Globrush and General Ingvar can power up her AOEs. A denier is absolutely necessary for this monster.

Countering Obsidiane: Denying her is easy due to her low Speed. Without Power Within, Obsidiane doesn't deal as much damage as other attackers do, plus the buffs it grants can be removed.