Hello everyone and welcome to my 115th analysis, this time featuring Sylvannis.
Sylvannis has great Base Strength and the moves to back it up. He can also be a good tank. Unfortunately, his trait is bad-useless in Spirits- and his Speed is low.

-Lethal Flare
-Replenishing Beam
-Stem Impact
-Noxious Splinter//Restorative Glow
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed//1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life

Lethal Flare is Sylvannis' best AOE attack and it also Poisons all enemies. Replenishing Beam may Stun Sylvannis, but it does restore 100% of his Life and give him a Damage Boost. Stem Impact has 0 CD and 60 Base Power, and is also unresisted. Lastly, Noxious Splinter is the attacker path's choice as it has the highest damage out of all his moves, with Poison as well. Restorative Glow, on the other hand, is the tank path's choice as it heals all allies for 50% of their Life. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the attacker path whereas 1 Speed, Strenghth and Life is the tank path.

Teammates: Kiridar gives his weak AOE some much needed power. Monsters who can give Sylvannis Stun immunity or rid him of debuffs are very good to have.

Countering Sylvannis: Denying Sylvannis is very easy. Alces' Pet makes Replenishing Beam kill Sylvannis if the AI is dumb enough to use it.