Dear Dragon Masters,

We are particularly excited for the beginning of February because it’s finally time to introduce to you all the winning dragon of last year’s Design a Dragon Challenge III. 🥇

The High Bloody Moon Dragon will make its entrance during the rare Blood Eclipse! 🌚

Let’s check out the full list of events we have in store for you this month:

29 Jan - 2 Feb: Volt Runner Island (Ice Crowning)
New Dragon: Count Volt Dragon

31 Jan - 3 Feb: Noble Maze Island (Ice Crowning)
New Dragon: Noble Blue Dragon

3 Feb - 14 Feb: The Blood Eclipse Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Bloody Moon Dragon

5 Feb - 8 Feb: AnimOwl Fog Island (The Blood Eclipse)
New Dragon: AnimOwl Dragon

9 Feb - 13 Feb: Crownix Maze Island (The Blood Eclipse)
New Dragon: Crownix Dragon

14 Feb - 17 Feb: Primalio’s Tower Island (The Beauty and the Primal)
New Dragon: Primalio Dragon

17 Feb - 28 Feb: A Primal Beauty Maze Island
New Dragon: Alpha Dragon

18 Feb - 23 Feb: The Beauty and the Primal Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Graceful Dragon

23 Feb - 27 Feb: Beauty Runner Island (The Beauty and the Primal)
New Dragon: Beauticia Dragon