Hi, i was so annoyed by the light and earth having the same strong elements they are against. It's literally just decreasing the quality of dragons like Terraformer, High Spirits, Nature Virago, Harvest and many others who have some real cool ideologies and appearances. So i tried making another element chart. But i couldn't make sense of some of them and added another element T-T. The element is Mind... Because i couldn't find any other thing that is not related to the existing elements. And here is the chart:
Earth => Electric/Ice
Fire => Nature/Ice
Water => Fire/Mind
Nature => Water/Light
Electric => Water/Metal
Metal => Earth/Fire
Ice => Nature/War
War => Earth/Mind
Light => Dark/Metal
Dark => Light/War
Mind => Dark/Electric
I just placed the classics against one another like nature and fire then there were others like electric, ice, dark and metal which was a bit hard. That was where mind came in and took electric because our nerves transport information using electrical impulses and dark because our mind comes up with things to avoid bad situations.
Then i realized i needed to put weaknesses to it :D. Water looked so nice in there doing absolutely nothing because i took war from it for dark and it fit to the refreshing morning face-washings (sorry for this description but i hope you got what i said). The second one was war because our minds who seek being comfortable wouldn't like facing what we fear.
The other ones who need explanation i suppose:
Metal to light based on gems losing their color when exposed to sunlight.
War to dark because you can't fight something you can't see.
I put fire to metal although metal has a good heat permeability, i know. But there wasn't much place left and i thought metal would hold back better than earth.
As i said, i didn't have much place left so put ice to earth.
I'm not backing up the last two fire and ice placements. I tried my best and i'm sorry if this was unnecessary. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.