Hello Dragon Masters,

A few weeks ago we have applied a fix to replace test dragons or incomplete dragons that some of you may have owned. As you can imagine, these dragons were never intended to be owned by you, as they were usually incomplete, or work-in-progress dragons.
Although some of these dragons have the same names as existing Dragon City dragons, they are actually test duplicates or copies.

To fix this issue, we have decided to replace these test or incomplete dragons with current dragons of equal rarity and elements. For example, if your test or incomplete dragon was at level 10, the replacement will be at the same level.

Please check the list below for more information on the replacements we have made.

These replacements only affect users who owned these test or incomplete dragons.


We are aware that this news may upset you, having legally claimed these test or incomplete dragons yourself, for this reason, compensation has been sent out today to the affected users!

We thank you for your understanding!

Your Dragon City Team