M.A.N's Team is recruiting. Check the pieces of information below but don't hesitate to dm me if you have any further questions.

• MP: A high MP isn't required as participation is what matters most.
• Wars: Finish and complete all of your attacks (Win/Loss).
• Races: Every member of the team is required to do a skip, please have 250+ gems, prepare cells for tasks, empty breeding trees, and hatchery slots. More than 1K points are required.
• Race Tasks: Call OFA and don't steal other players' OFA or you will be kicked. Do your DYP every node and participate in JE.

• Wars: Back-to-back wars and 250+ average coins per war.
• Races: 20 laps minimum depending on the monster, we reach 10 laps in less than 1.5 days. But, the race monster is GUARANTEED.
• Discord Server: We provide a discord server, an active server with so many features and news!

That's all, please DM me on discord (hal#0034) if you have any further questions. Have a good one!
You can check the race and war logs on the Team Zeppelin or you can DM me on discord and I'll send it to you.