Hello everyone and welcome to my 116th analysis, this time featuring Burotgor.
Burotgor's skillset is interesting since it features 2 extra turns which was not seen even on Tesaday. He also has access to massive amounts of damage thanks to his moves' high Base Powers and his high Base Strength. Unfortunately, Burotgor doesn't have a guaranteed immunity to Stun, which, when combined with his low Speed, is a bad thing. Plus, not having an AOE move as an attacker is outright bad-still, Burotgor's massive single target damage which rivals even Barbatos'(though definitely not in terms of accuracy) can't be overlooked.

-Bestial Charge
-Bestial Hits
-Regenerating Fur/Pure Rage
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Bloodthirst gives him Triple Damage for 2 turns and an extra turn, but gives possibly the worst status to accompany it with: Blind. This move makes Burotgor almost surely one-shot anything it hits-if it hits, that is. Bestial Charge is a far less risky extra turn move, with a great 55 Base Power and a chance to Stun the target. Bestial Hits pummels the target with a massive 75 unresisted Base Power, and should it somehow live, may Stun it. Lastly, Regenerating Fur helps in keeping him alive, but Pure Rage can be used to have another nuke alongside Bestial Hits. 2 Strength 1 Speed capitalizes on his power since Bloodthirsty's power has a high chance to make you not deal damage at all, and you should be able to still one-shot things without it.

Teammates: An efficient strategy in PvP that only works while attacking is to waste a teammate's turn and use Eyedrops on him-this will block the Blind that would have been applied through Bloodthirsty and allow you to destroy almost any individual target. Otherwise, Burotgor is pretty good on his own since there isn't much synergy between him and other monsters.

Countering Burotgor: Denying him will keep his massive damage away from you, which is the easiest and best way to deal with him. After he uses Bloodthirsty, applying Damage Reduction will overwrite the TD, or you can apply Daze to almost ensure that he doesn't hit. Ouros can use Everest and tank his attacks, but if Bloodthirsty+Bestial Hits makes contact, it'll hurt even Ouros a lot.