Era Launch Date: 4th of March 2022

The war between Heaven and Hell is over, but Angels and Demons forgot about a little problem in between their homes: The Barbarians were still out there, causing destruction and eating everyone’s food. They seemed unstoppable.

They had left the Forest for last because they weren’t really interested in nature, but it was only a matter of time for them to arrive. Thankfully, a group of monsters was ready for them. They carried out a ritual to awaken the forces of Nature. However, something that they thought would expel Barbarians from their territory turned out to be something much bigger. It shook all of Petra and affected the dynamics of all the elements in nature!

We could just say that not everyone was happy with the result…

Blossom Mythics
And in the midst of this chaos, life finds a way in the form of Blossom Mythics. These mighty creatures represent the forces of Nature, good or evil, but always powerful and ready to fight. These are most powerful monsters in-game, for sure!

And what do these creatures need to stay strong and grow even further? Nectar! This new rank up substance will be key if you want your Blossom Mythics to thrive in a hostile environment.

Rank-Up Survival Dungeons
Buckle up, because you’ll like this! If you want to fill your pouch with the sweet, sweet Nectar, you can do so by participating in the Blossom Rank-Up Survival Dungeon, there’s no surprise here. This new dungeon will be pretty similar to their predecessors, so nothing too crazy.

BUT, in addition, we’re also opening some new Rank-Up Survival Dungeons for the older Mythic generations! We’re having dungeons for Corrupted, Cosmic, and Original Mythics (one for each, yes)! These dungeons will be shorter and the rewards will be proportional to this new length, but you’ll be able to get Cells for old monsters and seasonal resources (Lutum, Stardust and Amber).

You requested it, and we listened! Now there’s no excuse to not rank up your monsters!

Elemental changes
In this Era, Elements are taking a central stage because now more than ever, they matter. Elements will be more important in determining the outcome of a battle, and information on elemental weaknesses/strengths will be easier to visualize in-game. For example, there’s been a rebalance of the elemental weak/strong damage multipliers: From x0.5-x1.5 to x0.5-x2.5!

Blossom Talents
And what do amazing monsters need? Incredible talents to pair them with! This era the Blossom Talents will amplify your monster's powers with amazing perks and unique abilities. You already know by now these potentiators can make a huge difference in fights so make sure you get them all!

Live Duel changes
At the beginning of the Era, Live Duels will be paused for 1 week, but don’t worry, we will give you all the info you may need about the updated Live Duels when the right time comes. Stay tuned!