Hello everyone and welcome to my 117th analysis, this time featuring Incognita.
Incognita can be both a fearsome attacker and a supporter thanks to her Base 55 AOE move and a move that applies Double Damage+Precision to ALL ALLIES. Her Speed and Strength are both good, and her trait, while not very useful in Light, can protect her from Violet and Mommy in the Female book. However, Incognita is not good at applying debuffs to an enemy as a support usually can.

-Luck Of The Draw
-Mystical Retrieval
-Divine Misfortune
-Transference//Fate Is Fair
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed//Any runespread to outspeed your attacker

LOTD gives all allies-including Incognita-Precision and Double Damage. Mystical Retrieval has the highest Base Power of all non-special move AOEs with a whopping 55. Divine Misfortune deals nice damage and applies a random status effect to all enemies(or Wiki says so). Lastly, Transference is another AOE that removes buffs such as Encouragement's Regens, but Fate Is Fair can be used to rid your team of many status effects Light monsters might apply and give them Stamina Regen. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the attacker spread, but if you are using her as a support, any spread works as long as it outspeeds your attacker since you need to use LOTD before the attacker moves.

Teammates: As an attacker, Incognita has all she needs in her moveset, but Globrush or General Ingvar can power up her AOEs even further. As a supporter, an attacker is a must have-preferably one that's naturally slower than her since she can then spare runeslots for Team Speed.

Countering Incognita: If the rulings work, Lucifire totally counters Incognita as her Darmith Ch.9 overwrites both the DD and Precision and instead gives the enemy team Damage Reduction and Blind. In a similar vein, any monster who can remove positive effects will greatly harm her. Denying or killing the most dangerous target of LODT is key to victory-this includes Incognita herself if she's an attacker.