Hello everyone and welcome to my 118th analysis, this time featuring Monster D.Vice.
D.Vice has great Speed and powerful status effects which allow him to be a good denier and an anti-denier. However, the lack of an AOE deny move keeps him from being a true denier, but his version of POTNW is an insane asset.

-Updated Software
-Reboot Device
-Very Low Battery
-Send To All Members/Low Battery
Runes: 3 Speed

Updated Software is the same as Caillech's legendary Protection of the Northern Winds, giving all allies immunity to Stun, Freeze and Daze, which basically renders them immune to denying. Reboot Device Reboots a single enemy, which is a form of Possession that goes through even Possession immunity. Very Low Battery leaves an enemy with just 25% Stamina which is enough to perform only one move-mostly. Lastly, Send To All Members recharges all allies and gives them Precision, with a small chance to Haste. Low Battery can be used here as well to deny enemies who have just recharged. 3 Speed must be used to quickly use Updated Software and his other major debuffs.

Teammates: If you aren't using another AOE denier, think carefully since you'll have to decide between Rebooting the opponent's denier to have a chance to render their entire team useless, or Reboot their attacker to have a chance to eliminate key monsters. If you can manage this, you don't need specific allies, though having other deniers will certainly help.

Countering Monster D.Vice: This part is tricky since he has a whole arsenal of choices to deny almost any monster. The best way to deal with him is to simply be faster than him and deny him before he does anything. If he gets a move off, it's highly likely to greatly impact the battle.