Tips for runner events : HERE

We start with 10 Flight Stamps and need 5 Flight Stamps per flight. We can collect up to 180 Flight Stamps by doing tasks that change every 8 hours. That will be 190 without quest and dragon tv.

Dorothy-R- #618: 500 pinwheels
Troll-VR- #1086: 1100 pinwheels
Sleeping Beauty-E- #332: 1500 pinwheels
Fundy-L- #1569: 2700 pinwheels
Luscious Locks-L- #1650: 4500 pinwheels

The grid coins will change to maze coins when the maze starts. So you should decide what you want and need before starting to do runs.


0_1646481215016_Runnerrewards1.png 0_1646481226609_Runnerrewards2.png