Hello everyone and welcome to my 119th analysis, this time featuring Ahran.
This guy has two damage returns with different ratios, so I'll assume they don't stack.
Ahran is one of the few monsters who are dedicated tanks. He does it pretty well with his moves, but he has a pretty useless trait for that since he has a bunch of Self moves already-Hardened or Burn immunity would have been way more useful.

-Deity Taunt
-Reap What You Sowed
-Strength Siphoned/Deliverance
-Godly Influence
Runes: 2 Life 1 Speed

Deity Taunt is unresisted and does good damage, but most importantly it draws all attacks to Ahran. Reap What You Sowed works in tandem with this move, since it returns 75% of all damage you receive. Strength Siphoned softens up attackers with its 0 CD Damage Reduction, or Deliverance could be used to have another damage reflection move that also does damage. Lastly, Godly Influence gives him a 50% Shield and Precision+Damage Boost, not that the latter two would matter. 2 Life 1 Speed maximizes Life.

Teammates: Something to rid him of debuffs is appreciated since he is very vulnerable to them.

Countering Ahran: Unlike Ouros and Igursus, this tank doesn't have immunity to Stun or Freeze, so deny him before he moves. Also, removing buffs will rid him of Protection, rendering him almost useless.