Hello everyone and welcome to my 120th analysis, this time featuring Leviana.
Leviana is an attacker like most of the other Fire monsters out there. However, unlike the others, she can have Triple Damage for 3 turns without any drawbacks and can apply Damage Reduction to the entire enemy team. However, Leviana has outright bad stats in Life, Speed and Strength which is a huge drawback.

-Try To Ignore Me!
-Moody Lady
-Prepare For My Charms!
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Try To Ignore Me! deals good damage but more importantly it gives Leviana Triple Damage for 3 turns. Moody Lady is an AOE with average Base Power but it applies Damage Reducton to all enemies which greatly damages Fire monsters. GodLike! takes away 10% of all allies' Life but in return...is average. Still, it's an AOE with 35 Base Power and a Burn. Prepare For My Charms! has 0 CD and 55 Base Power and is unresisted-the best friend of an attacker. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes power which she lacks in stat form.

Teammates: Sticky Lava increases the damage of her AOEs. Because Leviana is slow and frail, you'll want to have a monster who can protect her like a denier or a tank.

Countering Leviana: Many other attackers can outspeed Leviana and one-shot her. Likewise, many monsters possess a single target deny move and can use that on her.