So, humm, basically, there's a lot of people willing to have a game like Social Empires back at the scenario, because, as it turns out, most games nowadays sucks. Folks at socialpoint have already made it clear that the game is dead; some moderators were even rude, but i get it.

I just ask you to understand that there's a lot of nostalgia around the topic, especially in Brazil, where it was the childhood of many kid from the 2000s. I mean, as a kid, i'd go talking to all my friends about the things i'd have in the game, and my rare dragon mixes that prob inspired Dragon City.

What i'd like to say to my brazilian friends is this: the game is dead. It isn't coming back. There's absolutely no passion from the devs about the game. It was always about money. They didn't mind even having a back up of the game to release it in the future.

I know, it was a beautiful sandbox game, with many possibilities. I mean, what am i saying? I also used to love the game back then. I can go as far as to say that i still have feelings for that game. But its over. If you find this thread, know that you're not alone, and that many still look back to those days with not only nostalgia, but appreciation and caring.

But $$$$ >>>>, it'd also not make that much money nowadays, and some moderators already told us that the game is gone.

That's it for now, stay safe.