Hi ,
Let's talk about the WAR and others..
I think the war is outdated the only usefull thing is to collect enough war coins and get a rune or a relic chest from team shop. (Don't say anything about cells from team shop we all know is not even worth mentioning)

The rules are always the same , prestige points have no value for most teams . You don't even have anything to promote if you're going to advertise the war part of the game.

I'm thinking that making new monsters takes time to fill every event of the month so the devs are busy with all that , but what good is it if we have nowhere to use them.

War and pvp are the only places that we need to use our brain and think of to figure out how to use them.
Adventure map is dead , dungeons are only for ranking up at least dungeons are somehow usefull now.

Yeah I complained a bit but here are the ideas , adjust wars to make them appealing with rewards and rules, i bet anything will make players roll eyes a little less when we tell them to do all attacks. You know what was better than team wars , team battlegrounds yes it was better in terms of rewards at least, the rest is debatable.

Oh and on a last note idea ,
I have no idea how the game is now for the new players but I don't see it attracting waves so maybe idk split a little bit the players I mean if we look for example at challenges like grow spurt those top ones have around 1 billion , what about the new guys that barely get the 3rd reward , what was i thinking here make more lobbies for those rankings , let the high end players battle in collecting gold or feeding etc. because those low end will just give up the idea of even competing in there.