Hello there, Monster Masters!

You thought this was gonna be just a regular and boring Friday? Well, think twice! We have a surprise for you – introducing the new Multiplayer Time Challenge for Teams!
Yes, you asked for more team events and we listened. Here it is!

Let us tell you a little bit more about it:

  • Length: 7 day starting today at 12pm CEST
  • Who can participate? It’s open to ALL Teams
  • How does it work? Every Multiplayer victory from each team member grants 1 point to the Team.
  • What’s the prize? Members of the Top 100 Teams will get sweet, sweet Nectar!

Since this is the first time we try out this event, your feedback is more important than ever. Changes may happen after checking what you think and how the event went.

And who knows, maybe we will have more surprises coming soon… 😏