Hello everyone and welcome to my 121st analysis, this time featuring The Warrior.
The Warrior can be an effective attacker as well as a glue monster with useful buffs and debuffs. His immunity to Stun as an Earth monster is valuable as he is quite slow. He is also hard to kill even without Life runes thanks to his Shields. However, as said before, The Warrior is slow and is thus prone to being denied by means other than Stun.

-Enchanted Axe
-Brutal Javelins
-Hard Shield
-Sharp Spears/Titanic Axe
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Enchanted Axe deals lots of damage, is unresisted, and has a 50% chance to apply Stun, Blind and Bleeding to the target which is a very useful bonus. Brutal Javelins has the golden 45 Base Power and it counters enemy Shields, particularly Atum's. Hard Shield can be used to keep him alive, but this set mainly utilizes its Double Damage part, plus you can give it to another ally just in case. Lastly, Sharp Spears is another AOE that's weaker than Brutal Javelins, but it applies Bleeding. Alternatively, Titanic Axe can be used for good damage and a guaranteed Stun. 2 Strength 1 Speed is used since this set is an attacker.

-Unbreakable Shields
-Brutal Javelins
-Titanic Axe
-Hard Shield
Runes: 3 Team Speed/2 Team Life 1 Speed/1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life/any spread that outspeeds your attacker

This spread makes The Warrior a control monster with the useful effects of his moves. Unbreakable Shields makes your team harder to kill and gives them a Damage Boost. Brutal Javelins is still an amazing move, but the main focus here is its Shield-removing effect, which is super useful in Earth Wars. Titanic Axe is a guaranteed Stun which is valuable as this set leans towards being a support. Lastly, Hard Shield is sed to give your attacker way more survivability and Double Damage. 3 Team Speed can be used to speed up other team members. 2 Team Life 1 Speed increases the usefulness of his Shields and makes his team more tanky. 1 Speed, Strength and Life makes him a tank that can also hit harder which he can manage with his high-power moves. Another alternative is to focus on Hard Shield's Double Damage and run a spread that can outspeed your attacker.

Teammates: Both sets function greatly on their own, though the second set greatly appreciates an attacker to boost.

Countering The Warrior: Removing buffs renders The Warrior's Shields and damage boosts useless. He is also slow, so he is easily denied by anything other than Stun: Mega Stun also works.