Hello everyone and welcome to my 121st analysis, this time featuring The Warrior.
Overview: The Warrior has a versatile moveset that can focus on both damage output and giving allies Shields. However, he's slow and doesn't have many impactful status effects besides damage buffs.

-Unbreakable Shields
-Enchanted Axe
-Sharp Spears
-Hard Shield/Titanic Axe/Brutal Javelins
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Essences and Traps

Build Explanation:
Unbreakable Shields gives all allies a Damage Boost and 40% Life Shield, making them harder to kill and hit harder. Enchanted Axe is The Warrior's strongest attack that has a 50% chance of applying Blinding, Bleeding and Stun to the target. Sharp Spears in an AOE with an acceptable 35 Base Power that also applies Bleeding to all enemies to stack up some more damage. In the last slot, Hard Shield gives Double Damage and 50% Shield to the target, which can be used to boost himself or an ally. Titanic Axe has lower power than Enchanted Axe and doesn'^t have Blind or Bleeding, but its Stun is a 100% chance. Another option is Brutal Javelins, an AOE that has the golden 45 Base Power and removes shields from all enemies.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard spread for attackers.

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