Hello everyone and welcome to my 122nd analysis, this time featuring Singularis.
Singularis is a powerful counter to VoltaiK and Zyla thanks to his Paradox move, which forces all enemies to die after 4 turns. Other than that, he has good Stamina draining thanks to his Singularity move. Unfortunately, these 2 moves are almost all that Singularis is good at, as his trait downright sucks for a Magic monster and poses a grave dange to his team if the AI is controlling him.

Runes: Will explain down below

Paradox makes all enemies die after 4 turns which is extremely useful vs. the likes of VoltaiK, Zyla and Ouros. Singularity not only drains 50% Stamina from all enemies, but it also applies Stamina Leak to them. Collapse removes all positive effects the target has and Graviton may Slow the target. Singularis can run many runespreads depending on the enemy. If they have VoltaiK and/or Zyla, then you should equip Speed runes enough to outspeed him/her. The rest can be Strength, Life or Team Speed depending on personal preference. If those two aren't present, then 3 Team Speed may be useful to make your team faster. 3 Speed is also good if you are using General Thetys since you can outspeed your own Thetys and use Paradox.

Teammates: Singularis may be his counter, but Ouros also makes for a good partner to stall for Paradox's 4 turns. General Thetys is a good partner since after Stamina Devourers is used, you can use Singularity after they recharge to deny the enemy team for another round and gain 2 turns for Paradox. Mega Stun and 2 turn Possession are also good status effects. Frostbite can deny a single enemy for 4 turns if you want him to.

Countering Singularis: General Ingvar stands as the single most effective counter to Singularis, rendering 2 of his most powerful moves, Singularity and Paradox, useless with just his Encouragement. Any other monster who can remove debuffs ruins his most powerful move. Since he isn't immune to Possession, he can be dumb in defense and use either Singularity, or yet worse, Paradox, on his team.