The Admiral monsters are coming to town with new and unique abilities. It's time to show people how they work.

In this fan made era, I'm going to share multiple new concepts and ideas!

Admiral Mythics
Since they're from a galaxy far, far away, they work differently compared to other Mythics, they're stronger in everyway, and have five traits, and 8 skills.

Admiral Essence
Admiral Essence is the key recourse, when wanting to rank-up these insanely powerful monsters.

Admiral Talents
For the powerful monsters, there is new Admiral Talents coming. These talents are not for the weak, they require strength to be used, or they'll fail. Get them in the Era Sagas, and more surprising locations too.

New Element: Pure
It's been so long since the Metal Element was introduced, so it's time to introduce the Pure element. It's super powerful but can be taken down easily with Special damage.

Admiral Dungeons
Have you ever wanted to get yourself easy rankup recourses? Then the Admiral Dungeons are for you. There are multiple choices.

With the first choice, the "Cells Admiral Dungeon", you can use one Admiral Mythic and get as much cells as possible for that one Admiral Mythic with one. on. one monster battles. There are 20 nodes and a total of 500 Cells up for grabs, make sure you get a monster powerful enough, because with each node, the battles get harder and harder.

With the second choice, the "Admiral Essence Dungeon", you can use one Admiral Mythic and get much Admiral Essence as possible for your collection, with three-vs-three battles. There are 10 nodes and a total of 120 Admiral Essence up for grabs, make sure you make the perfect team to get the powerful substance, because each node gets harder and harder.

And last but not least, it's the third and final choice, which is the normal Rank-up Survival Dungeon, same rules, and same mechanics. No need to explain.