Hello everyone and welcome to my discussion on the Nemesis Warthak and his 3 different forms.

General Overview: Warthak's game plan is to slam enemies with overwhelming power that comes from both his Base Strength and the Base Powers of his moves and the Torture effects they apply. He has Control Immunity, and can hit monsters that hide behind protective effects thanks to some of his moves removing buffs before dealing damage. Skullcrusher is hopelessly outclassed by the other two, so forget about getting him.

Comparison between Sunbringer and Mountainsplitter: Subringer brings higher Base Strength and Sunburn as his choice of Torture to the table. Mountainsplitter instead has more Base Speed and has Bleeding as his choice of Torture.

Conclusion: Sunbringer wins because Sunburn is a superior Torture to Bleeding, both in terms of damage and secondary effect. Plus, he can apply Sunburn + Daze as opposed to Mountainsplitter's Bleeding + Daze, and while the latter reduces the enemy's damage to pathetic levels, the former has a good chance to make the target not hit at all. Also, Mountainsplitter's higher Base Speed doesn't really matter because Warthak has low Base Speed in general, so it's not worth sacrificing superior damage and Tortures for some extra Speed here.