Hello everyone and welcome to my discussion on the Nemesis Warthak and his 3 different forms.

General Overview: Warthak may not be as fast as the other Nemeses, but he has impressive Life and Strength. He also doesn't have overpowering attacks like Lucifire's Lucky Fire or Hydratila's Thetys moves, but he has his trait to make up for this: he's immune to Possession, Freeze and Stun, which means no ordinary monster can deny him. Mega Stun, Hacked, Glitched, Stamina Drain and CDs Activated go through this trait, but these forms of denying are uncommon among monsters. Though his moves may not be as impressive as the aforementioned 3, his AOEs have 100 accuracy, meaning they'll hit all the time unless accuracy modifiers are involved, and his single target moves have insane damage. Skullcrusher is the cheapest alternative, so the other 2 outright outclass him, but Skullcrusher's a fine monster in its own right.

Comparison between Sunbringer and Mountainsplitter: This is directly a win for Mountainsplitter because both him and Sunbringer have the same Life and very similar Strength, but Mountainsplitter is faster and most importantly, can one-shot almost any Earth monster with his massively powerful single-target Dark moves. However, Sunbringer's Sunburn status effect is usually better than Bleeding, though status effects won't matter if your target is dead.

Conclusion: Unless his typing changes, Mountainsplitter is superior to the other two thanks to his ability to kill any Earth monster in one hit, except maybe Ouros. Speaking on Warthak in general and whether or not you should buy him, it depends on how good you are on Earth monsters. Warthak, as with all Nemeses, fares against his element brilliantly and will be a huge asset if you get him.