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Upcoming Events and Updates:

The month of August in Dragon City starts with us being halfway through the Heroic Race - Oni Forest! How is the challenge going for you? We really hope you all like the special rewards we have prepared for this edition, once again with chances to get 2 Heroic dragons!

Once this thrilling race comes to an end, we will start the very last episode of the Legends of Deus… the end of the Story that YOU have been writing! Are your ready to finish the final chapter?

The unspoken and first story of Deus is facing its last and most crucial part, in which you will need to fight against all Nemesis in a Final Tournament to summon the captain Dracon! If you have made your way through all episodes of LoD and you have managed to summon the entire Team of Legends of Deus, you are going to be needed!

Together with Deus and your powerful Team, next Monday, August 7, you will start the most epic battle ever seen in Dragon City! Remember to level up and train your Dragon to have them ready! Fight all your way through the FINAL LoD Tournament and claim the captain of the Team, the most loyal warrior of Deus, Dracon Dragon!

Fight bravely and show no mercy to the evil forces, Dragon Master! Claim your victory!

Don’t miss out, face your fate and keep your #DragonCityStory going by restoring the desired peace for all your Dragons!

On Monday, August 7, we will be starting not just the very last Episode of Legends of Deus, but a new island too! The Colossus Island with a new exclusive Dragons... There will be a total of 4 brand new Dragons available! This event island will last 21 days.

ALSO, together with the Colossus Island event, we will start a Breeding Event (7th August - 13th August)! Get the Dragons from the Colossus Island and try the different breedings combinations!

During the Colossus Island, we will also start a brand new event in Dragon City. If you would have the chance to choose 1 dragon out of ALL our Dragons inside the Dragon Book, which one would it be?

Starting on Monday, August 21, we will start the CHOOSE your Dragon event!
A unique event that will give you the chance to get the dragon of your choice! To participate in it, you only need to claim your LOTTERY TICKET!

How can you get the Lottery ticket?
All user can have, max, 1 Lottery ticket.

You will have the chance to win your ticket by making your way through the following tournaments:

Tournament 1:

  • Dates: 21/08 until 28/08
  • Requirement: 3rd Dragon of Colossus Island
  • Reward: Cowardly Dragon

Tournament 2:

  • Dates: 24/08 until 28/08
  • Requirement: 3rd Dragon of Colossus Island, Cowardly Dragon and Panther Dragon (from Videos)
  • Reward: Scarecrow Dragon

Tournament 3:

  • Dates: 26/08 until 28/08
  • Requirement: Cowardly Dragon, Panther Dragon (from Videos) and Scarecrow Dragon
  • Reward: Bear Dragon Dragon + Chest with your Ticket for the Lottery!

At the end of the event, we will randomly draw lucky winners (out of all players that have a lottery ticket), actually a total of 25 winners! It is time to start thinking which dragon you would choose!

Fight your way throughout the 3 tournaments, win your ticket and participate in this lottery! YOU can be one of the lucky winners!

After the Colossus Island, our fantastic Art Team has prepared the Holiday Island. It will start on Monday, August 28, and it will last 3 days! There will be 1 new Dragon available for you to collect. This event island will come together with a breeding event.

Also, during this breeding event, you will have the chance to breed a new Dragon! Can you already guess which ones? 🙂

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need.

Last but not least, to celebrate the end of the summer vacations, on the 31st of August, right at the very end of this month, we will start a new Heroic Race - Crystal, that comes with a brand new Heroic Dragon! The High Purity Dragon!!

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We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys! Let us know us your opinion HERE!

See you back on the island. 🙂