Hello everyone and welcome to my 126th analysis, this time featuring Jasastur.

Jasastur, like all Maze final rewards, is extremely powerful. His Speed ties with the notorious Krampus and his trait blocks Possession, in addition to Bleeding and Nightmares, and he also has a very solid Base Life for a Dark monster. He also effectively counters General Thetys with one of his skills, also he is a powerful denier himself, with Stamina drains and Possessions. The only downside is that you'll definitely not get him in this Maze, unless you are willing to $$$.

-The Crawling Chaos
-Night Of The Tentacle
-Faceless Being
-Thousand Forms
Runes: 3 Speed

The Crawling Chaos is the ultimate Stamina control skill: it costs 0 Stamina, drains 50% Stamina from all enemies in addition to restoring 50% Stamina to all enemies, and as if these weren't enough, applies Stamina Leak to all enemies! Night Of The Tentacle has the golden 45 Base Power for AOEs(if it's an AOE, that is) and it gives immunity to Possession, Nightmares and Dark attacks-keep in mind that the immunity to Dark is only to the damage itself, not the side effects. Faceless Being applies Nightmares and Possession to all enemies, and Thousand Forms applies a 2-turn Possession to the target. 3 Speed because he's the fastest Dark denier tied with Krampus, and a good one at that.

Teammates: Jasastur may be Thetys' worst nightmare, but he's also a good ally to her. When the enemies recharge from Stamina Devourers, use The Crawling Chaos to not only deny them again, but also recharge Thetys without wasting a turn.

Countering Jasastur: Being immune to Possession mostly saves you from Jasastur's wrath, but his Stamina control is still problematic. General Ingvar or Goldfield can help solve this issue. Extra turn skills or Self skills also render Possession mostly useless.