Hello everyone and welcome to my 126th analysis, this time featuring Jasastur.
Overview: Jasastur is among the premier deniers of the game, of which a blazing fast 3531 is an indicator. Said Speed tier allows him to outspeed a majority of important targets like Sunblast, Llum the Magical Matriarch and Nishant's Bodyguard. Jasastur isn't just a fast monster with an AOE deny move, however, as he also has crazy Stamina control and can give his team immunity to Dark damage, Possession and Nightmares. Abomination, Jasastur's trait, is a perfect weapon in the books he's in against things like Countess Flawless and Saulot, since it blocks Possession. Despite these pluses, common annoyances like Mega Taunt, faster deniers and lack of status control bug Jasastur, but they don't make him bad in the slightest - underestimate Jasastur at your own peril.

-The Crawling Chaos
-Thousand Forms
-Faceless Being
-Night Of The Tentacle/Teethacle
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Essences and Traps

Build Explanation:
The Crawling Chaos is Jasastur's signature move. It drains 50% Stamina from all enemies, gives 50% Stamina to all allies in addition to Stamina Regeneration, and on top of all this, it costs 0 Stamina, making it one of the best Stamina based attacks in the game. Thousand Forms is a single target Mega Possesion, which targets Dodge Area monsters that think they're safe from deniers, plus it's generally useful to have on a denier. Faceless Being is Jasastur's AOE deny move with the added benefit of Nightmares on all targets. Lastly, Night Of The Tentacle has some very powerful buffs on it - it makes all allies immune to Dark damage and gives them immunity to Possession and Nightmares. The Possession immunity will almost always come in handy since the environments Jasastur will be in tend to have Possession monsters, and the Nightmares immunity blocks Nishant's Sword, the most powerful Sword, from working, in addition to blocking the Stamina Drain from it. If these buffs are not useful in a given War, Teethtacle is instead a simple 50% Stamina Drain, which can help after The Crawling Chaos to bring down an enemy's Stamina very fast.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is standard on deniers.

Teammate Options: Jasastur can help with monsters that eat up Stamina fast like General Thetys, Talos and Flamerion thanks to The Crawling Chaos. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Jasastur: For Counter options, check out this article.