Hello everyone and welcome to my 128th analysis, this time featuring Pigredo.
Pigredo has the unique and very powerful CDs Activated in his arsenal, albeit a single enemy version of it. He also has a good Self move and immunity to Possession, in addition to nice damage. However, not being immune to Stun is terrible for an Earth monster and he's very slow.

-I'll Do It Tomorrow
-Five More Minutes
-Power Nap
-Not My Job
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed//3 Speed/ 3 Team Speed

I'll Do It Tomorrow does minor damage but it activates all CDs on the target which is very powerful. Five More Minutes is unresisted, has 0 CD and 65 Base Power. Power Nap removes all negative effects on him, gives him Regeneration and heals him by 20%. Not My Job is a single target Stun with nice damage. 2 Strength 1 Speed focuses on his high power moves, in particular Five More Minutes. 3 Speed focuses on I'll Do It Tomorrow and 3 Team Speed is there to Speed up your allies since Pigredo isn't truly a denier.

Teammates: Pigredo is a solo player, but something to protect him from Stuns is appreciated.

Countering Pigredo: Literally anything you use offensively would be faster than Pigredo, so you can try to one-shot before he moves: Warthak the Mountainsplitter is perfect for this. Any denier outspeeds Pigredo, so you can deny him too.