Hello everyone and welcome to my 129th analysis, this time featuring Yilitre.
Yilitre is very fast, being above the 3465 Speed line which is extremely great for a denier. He rocks an immunity to Possession which also gives him immunity to Bleeding and Nightmares(it normally doesn't do that, it's because he has a trait that mixes these three), which is a powerful weapon against Laomu. However, being a Nature monster is a bad thing since Laomu exists and will continue to overshadow every Nature monster unless another one will be made breedable.

-I Am So Shiny!
-Mirror Of The Soul
-Look At Me Now
-I Will Find You/I See Your Destiny
Runes: 3 Speed

I Am So Shiny is an AOE Blind, which is excellent to deny deniers of their deny effects. Mirror Of The Soul removes all negative status effects from Yilitre's team and applies 1 random status effect to each enemy hit. Look At Me Now removes all debuffs from your team and gives them immunity to Possession and Nightmares which is awesome vs. Laomu and Magic monsters. Lastly, I Will Find You is a single target Stun, but I See Your Destiny removes all positive effects from all enemies such as Regeneration and Shields, and also applies the Dark version of Sticky Lava to them-this move fits PvP more and needs at least one Dark monster in your team to properly function. 3 Speed runes put his great Speed tier to good use.

Teammates: A Dark monster, preferably one with a Dark AOE move, is appreciated when using I See Your Destiny to take advantage of the Dark weakness it applies.

Countering Yilitre: Yilitre may be good at denying deniers, but attackers can still run free, albeit with reduced accuracy. Being immune to Blind counters Yilitre effectively: Nemestrinus is the best at this since he can be raised to high ranks easily.