Hello everyone and welcome to my 130th analysis, this time featuring Faugnar.
Faugnar has access to the coveted Evasion, an advanced version of Space-Time that also dodges status-if you have Alex Bone, you know how obscenely powerful this is. Stat-wise, Faugnar has good Speed and Strength, and also OK Life. He also has the Abomination trait, which gives him immunity to Bleeding, Nightmares and Possession which is great for an attacker. However, Faugnar doesn't have a proper deny move.

-Vaporous Enemy
-Thick Fog
-Aetherial Claw
-Hypnotic Robes/Gaseous Fighter
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 3 Team Speed

Vaporous Enemy has the average 35 Base Power, is unresisted, applies Daze to all enemies bu most importantly, gives Faugnar Evasion. Thick Fog has an awesome 40 Base Power and it combines greatly with Gaseous Fighter thanks to its AOE Blind effect. Aetherial Claw has a good 50 Base Power, is unresisted, Dazes the target and gives Faugnar Evasion. Lastly, Hypnotic Robes has 0 CD and 55 Base Power, and it Blinds the target in addition to removing all positive effects from it. Another alternative is Gaseous Fighter, which increases the chances of the AI using an Evasion move on defense, plus it gives Faugnar healing in both Stamina and Life-note that the Stamina Regen is 30%. 2 Strength 1 Speed makes Faugnar an attacker whereas 3 Team Speed focuses on his debuffing powers.

Teammates: Nishant's Pet can power up Thick Fog to one-shot all enemies. While Evasion is active, Fenrir can use Rage of Fenrir on Faugnar, and this way Faugnar will dodge the Stun but receive the Triple Damage.

Countering Faugnar: CDs Activated and Stamina Drain go through Evasion. Removing positive effects will remove Evasion, allowing other allies to finish Faugnar off.