Hello everyone and welcome to my 132nd analysis, this time featuring Avaritia.
Avaritia sports an entire arsenal of moves that will leave your mouth gaping when you see them. This may be the case, but the reason why Avaritia is so godly powerful is two words: Gold runes. Avaritia's GPM is the highest of any monster and he generates Gold so fast by the time you say "What just happened?" you'll end up with five hundred gazillion Gold. He's THAT good.

-You Have Too Much
-Share With Me
-I Want It All
-I Want It Now
Runes: 3 Team Speed/3 Team Gold

You Have Too Much and Share With Me deduce from Stamina and Life, respectively, to restore Life and Stamina, respectively. I Want It All removes all buffs from enemies and all debuffs from all allies and I Want It All does this just between Avaritia and his target. 3 Team Speed since he doesn't need stats, but the best spread is 3 Team Gold since that's what he does best. He is not bad like I implied, but he is terribly average. OK, debuff control is good. But he has no debuffs of his own and can't deal damage at all. Maybe his Stamina/Life weirdness moves are interesting, but they restore little amounts so no biggie. He is NOT worth the gems and you should probably buy Gold Ra instead of him since that way you'll have access to the way more powerful Ultrabot.

Teammates: Whatever you want.

Countering Avaritia: Feel pity on your opponent and they may reconsider their life choices, forcing them to remove Avaritia from their team.