Hello everyone and welcome to my 134th analysis, this time featuring Thyra.
Thyra has awesome Speed and great Strength, and also has above average Life. Her moves also have very high Base Powers and one of them even gives her Stun immunity, all of which makes Thyra a very dangerous attacker. However, her trait is absolute trash in the Thunder element (THUNDHARE COUNTERED LOL) and she has no deny skills.

-Psycho Slayer
-Blitzkrieg Spark
-Anarchy in ML
-Complete Control
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Psycho Slayer will likely kill any enemy it comes in contact with thanks to its unresisted 65 Base Power, if they don't have Life runes or very high Base Life. Blitzkrieg Spark is the godsend AOE for an attacker, with 50 Base Power and unresistedness. Anarchy in ML gives her Double Damage but Burns her, though the Burn is no problem since not only does Thyra appreciate the DD, but being a Self skill makes it a good weapon vs. Possession. The last slot goes to Complete Control for another high power move which is Thunder based for Waters and it also gives her a very useful Stun immunity. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the classic atacker build which outspeeds most of the other 2 Strength 1 Speed buils.

Teammates: Fenrir can use Rage of Fenrir on her after she uses Complete Control to have Triple Damage for 3 turns without any side effects.

Countering Thyra: The Thunder element has many attackers that outspeed Thyra, such as Zyla, Boltcaster and Mercurius, all of which can one shot with
2 Strength 1 Speed. Deniers will outspeed thanks to 3 Speed and deny her, allowing teammates to finish her off.