Hello everyone and welcome to my 135th analysis, this time featuring Globrush.
Globrush is one of the best Light attackers thanks to having the Light version of Sticky Lava and a Base 45 Light AOE attack, in addition to nuke moves. His immunity to Blind is also very useful vs. General Ingvar. Another thing to note here is that Globrush is part of the Sea book, which has no other Light legendary monsters in it. However, Globrush's Strength could have been better.

-Pocket Supernova
-Galactic Tide
-Triangulum Laser
-Black Matter/Canis Major Projection
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Pocket Supernova has an average Base Power but it applies Light Weakness to all enemies, which is perfect to combine with Galactic Tide, a Base 45 Light AOE. Triangulum Laser does massive damage to target and will definitely kill anything affected by Light Weakness, unless they are running Life runes. The last slot goes to either Black Matter for a debuff based unresisted attack, or Canis Major Projection for raw damage. 2 Strength 1 Speed is an attacker spread.

Teammates: Other Light attackers, particularly a slower one with a Light AOE such as Valgar the Pure, will greatly appreciate Pocket Supernova.

Countering Globrush: Deniers can easily deny him since he doesn't have an immunity to them. Faster attackers exist and can one-shot him through his low Base Life.