Hello everyone and welcome to my 136th analysis, this time featuring Hackster.
Hackster is tied with The Sentinel for the fastest Metal monster, which is an amazing thing for a denier. He also has a whopping 4 deny moves which is a thing never seen before, which makes him one of the best deniers to date when combined with his awesome Speed. However, Hackster's trait is very bad and he can't deal much damage, though he can deny most monsters till they die by his teammates.
-Original Cracker
-Black Hat
-Arpanet Explorer
-Phrack Editor
Runes: 3 Speed

Original Cracker is an AOE Stun with little damage, and Black Hat is an AOE Hack with no damage-the reason I didn't say AOE Possession is because this Hack goes through Possession immunity, though I'm not sure about immunities granted by moves because the Stun versions of those block Mega Stun. Arpanet Explorer Hacks the target and gives it Double Damage for one turn so that it may devastate its own allies. Lastly, Phrack Editor is basically Stop Time from Timerion minus the extra turn and plus the Magnetize, which is still very acceptible. 3 Speed is obvious on such a monster.

Teammates: A denier fits in all teams.

Countering Hackster: Bulwark, Hardened and Tough are the best weapons against Hackster's vast array of deny effects. Uther the Valiant and General Holter are good choices for this. Timerion is also an excellent option since Hackster can't do much of anything to him and Timerion can use CDs Activated on him which makes him unable to do anything for 3 turns unless he gets his special move off.