Hello everyone and welcome to my 136th analysis, this time featuring Hackster.
Overview: Hackster's Speed stat is ideal for a denier at 3476. However, what gives Hackster a special spot even among deniers is the fact that his best moveset has all deny moves, something not many deniers can achieve. These moves include exclusive Possessions as well as a Stop Time effect, so he has an easy time with immunities as well. Also worth noting is Hackster's double Trap slots, which is a very powerful Relic slot configuration thanks to double Pestilence Trap. However, there are many deniers, such as Volthar and Patient Cyber, that are faster than him and can deny him, which he is very weak to because his trait is useless. In addition to this, Hackster is extremely vulnerable to CD Activation, and he has to deal with Timerion in both Metal and Mechanical. Despite these shortcomings, though, Hackster is still one of the more reliable deniers out there.

In Metal: Since he bypasses Possession immunity with his Possessions, Hackster can dominate most monsters slower than him in this Book. Also, he has 4 deny moves as his entire moveset, so it's guaranteed that he is going to try to deny at least one monster on Defense. But he requires careful usage, since there are a large number of monsters that can outspeed him and do the same, such as The Baroness and Mirak. Good on Offense since you choose your enemies, less effective on Defense, but still effective.

In Mechanical: Mechanical has very similar contents to Metal, so the same statements as Metal go for this part as well.

-Original Cracker
-Black Hat
-Arpanet Explorer
-Phrack Editor
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune Options: Speed&Life
Relics: Any combination of Oblation and Pestilence Traps

Build Explanation:
Original Cracker and Black Hat are your AOE deny moves that Stun and Hack, respectively (Hack is an exclusive Possession, which means it goes through Possession immunity). Arpanet Explorer Hacks the enemy and gives it Double Damage for the next 2 turns, which he can use to target high firepower monsters so they can deal great damage to their own team, but know that the target will have 1 turn of unpossessed Double Damage. Lastly, Phrack Editor applies Time Stop and Magnetize to target, which is good against monsters that are immune to Control.
3 Speed, with the Mutant options of Speed&Life, are the typical denier Runes.
For Relics, use any combination of Oblation and Pestilence Traps, as they are the two most viable Trap choices.

Team Options: You can team up Hackster with other Trap users and give them all Pestilence Traps, which will reduce the enemy's Life to comical levels (I have has a monster drop to 0 Life with this before). For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Hackster: Against Hackster's wide array of deny options, variations of Hardened and Artifact will be the most effective. Talos forms, Timerion and Patient Cyber are great examples of this. Hackster is particularly vulnerable to CD Activation, so the latter two are great counters. For more Counter options, check out this article.