Hello everyone and welcome to my 137th analysis, this time featuring Mommy.
Mommy is a key member of all groups she belongs in: in Dark she is a great weapon against all Possession monsters, particularly Jasastur and Nishant's Pet. In Families she is the 2nd fastest monster after Sarah and can deny all memebers of the book; in Female she is not as effective as the other two categories thanks to there being massively powerful monsters like General Thetys and Caillech, but still is a great choice. She also can dish out good damage with her high powered moves if you choose to get them. However, Mommy's high powered moves are wasted with her terrible Base Strength and she can't be an attacker and a denier at once.
-Stay warm
-Just like your dad
-You need to eat
-Go to your room//Don't lie to Mommy
Runes: 3 Speed// 2 Strength 1 Speed

Stay warm is an unresisted AOE Stun. Just like your dad is Dark based and is an AOE Poison, which is good vs. the likes of Barbatos. You need to eat deals minor damage but most importantly it applies a 2 turn Possession on the target. Lastly, Go to your room is instead a 1 turn possession, but Don't lie to Mommy can be used since it has a superb 60 Base Power, 0 CD, 100 accuracy and a measly 13 Stamina cost- sometimes you need to deal damage. 3 Speed is a denier spread, but if you are planning to use her to deny the enemy team once again after they get denied, 2 Strength 1 Speed is a valid option to boost her damage while doing this(I recommend Don't lie to Mommy here more than on 3 Speed.).

Teammates: She's a denier so she fits in any team. The 2 Strength 1 Speed version needs a 3 Speed denier to do its thing. Don't try to use it as an attacker as she has terrible Base Strength.

Countering Mommy: Since she uses both 2 turn Possession and Stun, Hardened and its improved versions are your best weapon to have a chance at resisting all her deny moves. Being immune to Possession renders her 2 turn Possession useless on you and being immune to Stun makes her AOE Stun useless.