Hello everyone and welcome to my 138th analysis, this time featuring Rabies.
SP gave Rabies backfire effects on almost every one of his effects, but forgot to give them massive power to accompany it with. He has good Strength and Speed and a great trait, but he has no AOE moves which is the worst thing possible for a Fire monster. You are better off ranking up Vadamagma than getting this failure of a Barbatos wannabe.

-Fatal Fury
-Raving Body
-Free Violence
-Mind Heat/Fighting Frenzy
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Fatal Fury destorys almost any target without Life runes or the Fire element, but damages Rabies a bit. Raving Body Burns Rabies and deals little damage, but it's a Self move and gives him Triple Damage for one turn. Free Violence is unresisted and damages Rabies a bit. Lastly, Mind Heat Burns all enemies and Rabies, and applies Sticky Lava to all enemies. Another alternative here is Fighting Frenzy, which is his only viable move without a drawback. 2 Strength 1 Speed is obvious for an attacker, but 2 Speed 1 Strength is also acceptable if you are using Mind Heat to support other Fire monsters.

Teammates: Lucifire is an aweosme teammate because Rabies can greatly boost the damage of Lucky Fire and Lucifire protects Rabies from Burn and gives him Precision to go along with his Triple Damage. Any Fire monster is a good temmate for 2 Speed 1 Strength thanks to Mind Heat.

Countering Rabies: Faster Fire monsters do exist and each one except Tulekahju can one-shot him. Focus on being faster and one-shotting, or denying him by means other than Stun.