Hello everyone and welcome to my 139th analysis, this time featuring Oghma.
Oghma has the potential to become a great attacker or a great support depending on the moves you choose for him. His trademark Shields apply immunities to the given elements for 2 turns but the immunity is only for the damage, not for the effects, and his special move is notorious for turning the game around from impossible situations. Unfortunately, Oghma has no deny moves and his trait is not the best one for a Light monster, and he'd die for more moveslots.

-Blessing Slice
-Consecration Slash
-Holy Shield
-Divine Shield
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed/3 Team Life

This set makes Oghma an all-out support. Blessing Slice gives him immunity to Possession and Blind, so it is a necessary move. Consecration Slash gives an immunity to Freeze and when combined with Blessing Slice, you become immune to most of the commonly used status effects in the game. The two shields grant immunity to all but Legend attacks when combined. 3 Speed enables him to quickly use his attacks to gain immunities, but 3 Team Speed is also useful since he can do without high Speed as well.

-Blessing Slice
-Devoted Punishment
-Divine Shield
-Consecration Slash/Revered Punishment/Holy Shield
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Blessing Slice is required to block Burning, Possession and Blind, which are powerful status effects. Devoted Punishment has 2 CD, the golden 45 Base Power and is unresisted which is a godsend for an attacker. Divine Shield is the more powerful Shield individually out of the two since the elements it blocks consist mostly of attackers-especially Thunder which has VoltaiK and Zyla-so it must be used just in case. The last slot decides how you want to use Oghma: if you choose the other AOE or Consecration Slash, he is a dedicated attacker, but if you choose Holy Shield he doesn't really become one. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the attacker spread and should be used with Consecration Slash or Revered Punishment in the last slot. 2 Speed 1 Strength instead focuses on outspeeding attackers and using an appropriate Shield before they move-this moveset is fit mostly for Holy Shield, but can be used with the other two moves as well, thanks to Divine Shield.

Teammates: Demise is very useful for both the attacker spread and the support one with 3 Team Speed: Strength From Beyond can be used just for the extra turn and you can use one of your Shields early on in the game without having 3 Speed. The 2 Speed 1 Strength version of the second set greatly appreciates a damage booster since 1 Strength is not enough to remedy his low Base Strength.

Countering Oghma: Removing positive effects will remove his Shields and his single target moves' buffs-Kassia is good at this and can also Blind Oghma. Being outright faster and denying him without allowing him to do anything is another way of countering Oghma.