Hello everyone and welcome to my 140th analysis, this time featuring Layth.
Layth is one of the earlier monsters and used to be the prime Light attacker back in the day thanks to his massive damage moves. His Base Strength, Base Life and trait are all great assets in his role. However, his Base Speed is low and he lacks an AOE move which is bad news for an attacker.

-Legio Romana
-Duplex Sectis
-Alea Iacta Est
-Damnatio ad Bestias
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Legio Romana will likely kill any target that doesn't have a Life rune or is of the Light element with its crushing 80 Base Power. Duplex Sectis is weaker, but it's still strong and has 1 CD. Alea Iacta Est is very useful vs. the likes of Ouros and Igursus, though watch out for the latter's Vesuvius. Lastly, Damnatio ad Bestias is unresisted and it applies Bleeding. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes damage.

Teammates: Globrush and General Ingvar make his moves, especially Legio Romana, kill anything they touch.

Countering Layth: Layth is slow so denying him is not difficult. Oghma's Divine Shield can block both Legio Romana and Duplex Sectis, greatly reducing Layth's power.