Hello everyone and welocme to my 141st analysis, this time featuring Deadwolf.
Deadwolf has an amazing Base Strength and a crucial trait for an Earth monster, plus he is one of the strongest attackers among Good Legions in terms of raw damage. He also has strong moves to put his Strength to use. However, Deadwolf is slow and is frail for an Earth monster, and faces competition from Layth in Good Legions in terms of raw damage.

-One Shot Kill
-Lucky Shots
-Deadwolf's Ride
-Smart Shots/Assault Raid
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

One Shot Kill will likely kill any target that doesn't resist it or has a Life rune, and even if it doesn't kill, it applies Bleeding to the target which is great. Lucky Shots has the golden 45 Base Power. Deadwolf's Ride is unresisted, does good damage and Stuns the target. Lastly, Smart Shots can be used to have another AOE with a Daze effect that can come in clutch, or Assault Raid can be used to have another Stun move. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage.

Teammates: Deadwolf is pretty good on his own and doesn't need any specific teammates, though Demise can help with his Speed problems thanks to Strength From Beyond.

Countering Deadwolf: Denying him is easy and he is slow and not too durable, so he is prone to being one shot by other, faster attackers. General Atum can use his AOE Shield to protect his team from his attacks.