When I come into this screen it is always displaying one monster. I think it would be better if the default view was a list similar to the list that shows up when you press the "Select Monster" button. However, even this screen has too much information. I don't need the monster details on right, by now, I really know my monster skills and don't really need to see them. What I want to see is a scroll-able list, keeping the following information: monster icon, level, number of stars, rarity, elements, runes. On my tablet, this screen only displays 4 monsters, but there is a lot of real estate. More could be fit on the screen. The right side panel that displays details for one monster could be trimmed down and just made into additional columns for ALL the monsters on display.

Add in the following filters:
Rune Type
Rune Level

You should also be able to filter for monsters that have no runes.

When this game started it was probably much easier to find things, due to their being fewer monsters.