Hello everyone and welcome to my 142nd analysis, this time featuring Akhenotep.
Akhenotep is one of the oldest Dark deniers ever released and his deny move is arguably one of the most efficient ones out there. He also has great Stamina control and an actual deny move as well, although it's a single target move. However, Akhenotep was released in an era when Possession was only found on special moves and select few elite monsters, so his Possession move is quite bad, and so is his Base Speed and Base Strength, plus he faces competition from Harusami and Will "Razor Face" in the Undead books as a denier.

-The Curse of Akhenotep
-Manipulation of Sand
-Stamina Domination
-The Rise of The Mummy/The Power of Ancient Dark Sand
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed

TCOA applies Damage Reduction, Blind and Daze to all enemies, and if none are immune to Daze or Blind, they are effectively Mega Stunned unless there is some way to remove the debuffs. Manipulation of Sand has a great Base Power, is unresisted and Stuns the target. Stamina Domination doesn't deal much damage, but it applies Stamina Leak to target and Stamina Regen to Akhenotep, and the move has 1 CD so it can be used regularly. Lastly, The Rise of The Mummy can be used for the chance at a Slow or Possession, though the Base 45 Dark AOE is also an option just in case you get Triple Damage or something like that. 3 Speed makes him a denier, but if you find his Base Speed too hindering, you can give him 3 Team Speed to speed up your team and denier.

Teammates: If he's your main denier, then he may need allies with Team Speed since his own Speed is bad for a denier. Watch out for monsters with debuff removal or bunches of extra turns.

Countering Akhenotep: Any monster with debuff removal utterly counters Akhenotep. General Ingvar is the best counter here since he not only counters Akhenotep's element, but Encouragement removes all the Dazes and Blinds from your team. VoltaiK and Zyla the Faithful are not affected too much by his AOE deny move since they can extra turn the debuffs away.