Hello everyone and welcome to my 143rd analysis, this time featuring Lilysha.
Lilysha used to be omnipresent during the old days thanks to Evil Love inflicting Possession for 2 turns and her having blazing fast Speed for that era. Nowadays there are Dark monsters who can challenge her throne easily and she definitely fell from grace, though her belonging in the Winged, Underworld and Female books at the same time makes her a fine pick since she fares good in all of these books thanks to her Speed. However, Lilysha wishes she had a Possession immunity instead of trash for her trait and a proper AOE deny attack.

-Demon Heart
-Evil Love
-Tenebrous Kicks
-Macabre Kicks/Morbid Visions
Runes: 3 Speed

Demon Heart may apply Damage Reduction for 2 turns, but it also applies 2 turn Possession which is insanely powerful. Evil Love applies just 1 turn Possession along with Damage Boost, but beware-the boost lasts for 2 turns. Tenebrous Kicks deals OK damage and Stuns the target, plus it has 1 turn CD. Lastly, Macabre Kicks can be used for the Daze effect, or Morbid Visions to have an AOE just in case since she has no other viable attacks. 3 Speed puts her awesome Speed tier to good use.

Teammates: Using another denier with 3 Speed and an AOE deny move is probably a good idea since a single target deny won't cut it most of the time.

Countering Lilysha: Nishant's Pet outclasses Lilysha and can Possess her while she can't do the same to him. Mommy does a similar thing to Lilysha and has an AOE deny as well. In Winged, General Ingvar can cure the target of her Possession attacks with Encouragement.