The rare monster would be either Pulprism, or Metalselach. The epic would be Goldcore, Gold Ra, Irockman, or Rootziel. (Old epics)The old legendary would be Ouros, Quin, or Goran. The new epic would be a turtle with gems on his shell and his ranged moves would be him shooting gems at the apponents and his mele would be him biting them or spinning at them like bowser. his special move is either throwing a bunch of crystals from his shell or calling and army of turtles. The first new legend would be a warrior with crystal weapons and gear, his shield would be a massive ruby and his sword would be made of amethyst (or some strong crystals) his armor would be a blue gem like lapis or sapphires. He would put up sheilds and attack in fights, he would swing his sword for mele and summon crystals to fall on his apponents his speial move would be his dad with a trhfhdjdk and with the rtle would be scart angot .. he swords man would be on top of the mine . Thoes are the pponents. His story is his father used to run a mine which was overrun with tons of crystals! His dad brought them back and became rich! His son brought them into war to fight with to show the power of his family. (If you made his mom and dad they could be in the family book) the second legend would be a dwarf his weapon is a pickaxe that he throws for ranged attacks and hits people with for mele. He would had a miner hat with the little light thing and his cloths would looks like a black smith. That's all I got ..