Hello everyone and welcome to my 144th analysis, this time featuring Noctum.
Noctum was the second monster ever released that could Possess and enemy without inflicting status that would impede their attacks, and he could also deal high damage in AOE and single target form as well, which made him a very valuable monster. Nowadays, Noctum's power lies not in his Dark element, but in him being a member of the Undead and more importantly Spirits books: in Undead, he Speed ties with Harusami and is outsped only by Baba Yaga as a denier-who is a rare monster, and in Spirits he is tied with Tempest and Uru for the fastest denier and is the fastest Possession inducing monster there. However, Noctum has bad Base Strength and doesn't have any AOE deny moves.

-Dark Control
-Dark Side Tempest
-Debilitating Intrusion
-Any Group 2 skill
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Team Speed

Dark Control is Noctum's signature attack that Possesses the target. Dark Side Tempest is very useful vs. Earth and Light monsters, who tend to use lots of buffs. Debilitating Intrusion is Noctum's most powerful attack in terms of Base Power and helps keep him alive. In the last slot, either one of Exhausting Force, Shadowy Attack or Spectral Souls works, but my personal recommendation is Exhausting Force due to the Stamina Leak. 3 Speed allows him to quickly use Dark Control whereas 2 Strength 1 Speed makes him an attacker, and 3 Team Speed can be used to speed up your AOE denier.

Teammates: Aside from simple choices like damage boosts, using monsters that drag on the game are useful. For this reason, Ouros is a perfect partner since both him and Noctum have the same special attack, which increases the chances of one of them getting it off, and Ouros is the best tank there is. Varuna or Metalhead with In The Darkest Hour can be chosen as the denier for this team.

Countering Noctum: The less attacks he get off, the lower the chances of him getting his special off. Baba Yaga in Undead outspeeds him no matter what spread he uses and can Blind him to reduce the chances of him doing anything, and both Tempest and Uru can hope to win the Speed tie if Noctum has 3 Speed. In Dark, there are lots of monsters who can deal with Noctum effectively, like Will "Razor Face" (who is also Undead) or Nishant's Pet.