Hello everyone and welcome to my 145th analysis, this time featuring Anton Acorne.
Anton has awesome stats for both an attacker and a denier, with 3465 Speed and 3531 Base Strength. He is also immune to Freeze which helps in both Sea and Water Wars. He can drain enemies' Stamina in great amounts while also dealing huge damage, which is an amazing thing for any monster. The only disadvantages to him is that he has no AOE deny moves and that his AOEs have very mediocre Base Powers, though having an AOE deny would make him OP.

-Aqua Stomp
-Humid Sword
-100 Tentacles
-Punch Wave/Impure Water
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Team Speed/3 Speed

Aqua Stomp is unresisted, has the average 35 Base Power and drains 50% Stamina from all targets, which can be used to deny monsters that have just recharged. Humid Sword has a good 50 Base Power and basically gives you free 40 Stamina with 1 CD whenever you can use it. 100 Tentacles has the same amount of power and CD, though is unresisted and instead Stuns the target. Lastly, Punch Wave is the Water version of 100 Tentacles that Freezes instead of Stunning, and the two moves can be used alternately to lock down a target who isn't immune to Stun or Freeze until it dies. Another alternative is Impure Water, the Water version of Aqua Stomp that instead applies Stamina Leak, though my personal preference would be Punch Wave. 2 Strength 1 Speed makes him an atacker, but 3 Speed is also good thanks to his great utility. Even though he has no AOE deny moves, 3 Speed can be used just to troll deniers who have 3465 Speed as well, which is actually very effective.

Teammates: General Thetys can deny the enemy for two turns by using Stamina Devourers followed by Anton's Aqua Stomp, though Anton must be slower than the enemies and Thetys for this to work.

Countering Anton Acorne: Anton is great at mowing down a single enemy, so focus on taking him down with the other 2 monsters you have. If your monsters are immune to either one of Stun and Freeze, Anton can't do his lockdown. In the Sea book, Boltcaster and Riftmaker outspeed him and can deny him before he moves.