Hello everyone and welcome to my 146th analysis, this time featuring Brontes.
While he is very slow for a denier, Brontes is one of the go-to deniers of the Earth element thanks to his Mega Stun move. This move is useful on any monster, but the most important target for this move is Ouros, who will likely spend the entire match with a Stun thanks to his low Speed. However, as mentioned before, Brontes has simply pitiful Speed for any monster, and he has even lower Base Strength, which makes him almost not hurt at all, plus being a member of Good Legions means you'll have to go against Laomu, who is infinitely faster.

-Mega Rockslide
-Area Rockslide
-Ancient Shield Earthquake
-Angular Mace
Runes: 3 Speed

Mega Rockslide is single target Mega Stun which is currently the most powerful deny effect. Area Rockslide is the generic AOE Stun. Ancient Shield Earthquake helps keep him alive and Angular Mace is chosen over Barbarous Mace since he doesn't deal damage with Barbarous Mace too, so you might as well grab the 0 CD Daze. 3 Speed makes him a denier.

Teammates: He is a denier, so he fits in any team.

Countering Brontes: There are many Earth monsters who outspeed Brontes and can deny him easily. Laomu and White Pandalf in the Good Legions are faster and can Possess him, and Brynhilda can Freeze him.